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December 10, 2007

Michele: Have You Ever Been

"Are you experienced?"

"It depends what you mean by experienced. If you're asking if I've worked in this capacity before, then no. But really, what is experience? Is it just the culmination of job skills you learn while doing rote tasks each day from 9-5? Or is it the other things you learn; the worldly knowledge you pick up from watching your co-workers or engaging in conversation with them? Or perhaps experience is gained away from your job, the life lessons that are taught to you every time you do something new."

"Do you know how to work a fryer?"

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December 27, 2007

Michele:The More Things Change

Fireworks exploded over the Brooklyn Bridge as 2056 approached.
They watched from lounge chairs on their balcony, sipping wine under heavy blankets.

“It’s funny how people thought the new millennium would usher in all these great changes. This probably isn’t what they imagined for the future.”
“I know, they thought we’d have flying cars by now, and automated houses.”
“And robots doing laundry.”
“Global warming!” She pulled the blanket tighter.

“Yea, it’s all so….the same.”
“Just some subtle changes.”
She laughed. “Yea, subtle.”

The clock struck midnight. They kissed and held tentacles as colors lit up the New NewYork sky.

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January 1, 2008

Michele - Nodding When You Should Have Shook

A few words of advice for the ladies:

If you are standing in a huge field of ten foot high corn stalks and the nearest house is about five miles away and your husband is visibly angered and is yelling at you and waving a gun around while he yells and then he asks you if you've been cheating on him, well, the best course of action here is probably lying.

My only regret is that I didn't bring my camera. Damn if that bitch's brain matter didn't make for some crazy abstract art splattered all along the corn stalks.

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February 1, 2008

Michele: Always

Lila has been on the couch for more days than I remember.

I give her a blanket and play those Meg Ryan movies she loves so much. I sit next to her doing crossword puzzles while the movies play.

She smells a bit funny. I lean down and say "Honey, you should take a shower, you really stink." Haha.

Maybe that's not so funny.

Tom Hanks kisses Meg on top of the Empire State building and I gently touch Lila's face. My fingers sink into her rotting flesh.

She's still beautiful. She will always be.

She will always be mine.

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February 4, 2008

Michele: Sisters

"Dad's gonna be SO pissed off."
"I don't care!" She threw herself on the bed, sobbing. "I don't want to be a Fury anymore!"

"You look ridiculous in that outfit, you know."
"Really, this drama queen thing is getting old. You were born a Fury and you can't change that."

"My life is AWFUL!" She sobbed into her pillow.

"Great, here's dad."

"My gods, why is she dressed like a $2.00 whore?"
"She's....emoting, dad."
"That time of the month again?"

The youngest Fury's eyes blazed with anger.

"Thanks, Dad," she smiled. "You always know how to bring her fury out."

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February 7, 2008

Michele: The Walk

"I think I've done this before"
"You have."
"Two years ago. April 24th. It was about midnight when I met you. We walked up the tunnel and got all the way to the top before you were called back."
"I thought this all seemed familiar. The light, The echoing of my footsteps..."
"But not mine."
"Not yours."

They walked a bit further. Something soft and made of light flew in front of them.

"That light....this is exactly the same."
"Not exactly, son."

A door he never saw opened in front of them and they walked into the light.

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February 11, 2008

Michele: Dishing It Out

"Are you going to finish that?"


"You enjoy toying with them?"

"I take what little pleasures i can get here."

"I like to make the quick kill and get back to the office."

"Not me. I figure if the guy deserves it, I might as well go full tilt."

"I’d rather work in Good Karma."

"No reward for me there. Making people smile may give you the warm fuzzies, but it's meting out pain and discomfort that gets me off. I was cut out for this, man."

"What did you do before death?"

"I was a debt collector."


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February 27, 2008

Michele: My Kingdom For A Whore

"I wouldn't miss your coronation for the world, dear."
"For your world, you mean."
"If you miss this day, love, your kingdom will be flattened to dust."
"You wouldn't."
"Oh, but I would. If your wife is going to keep you from my coronation, keep in mind that my magic is both powerful and wicked."
"Just like you," he winked.

They parted and he was about to lament her wickedness when he realized she had given him an out.

His kingdom would be gone. But so would his troubles, his debts and his wife.

He would miss the coronation.

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May 1, 2008

Michele: The Cat's Meow

A new kitty was in the hood, and Tiger coveted this feline with the seductive, swishing tail.
He already had a girl; Snowflake was a wonderful partner, but she wasn't as frisky as she used to be. She had let herself go, gained a few pounds, her fur wasn't as soft... He glanced at the strutting new kitty and decided to trade up.

Tiger leapt into the street, wanting to surprise her with a butt sniff, but a yellow Mustang squashed his dreams.

Snowflake appeared and looked at her boyfriend's guts in the road.

"Eh, he was getting old, anyhow."

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May 2, 2008

Michele: Nostalgia

"Remember close-n-play record players?"

Sarah groaned. She was 30 years younger than anyone on the team, and nostalgia talk was code for "Sarah’s too young." Whenever she had a fresh ad idea, they’d start talking about old toys and cartoons that, conversations that shut her out and shut her up.

Her brilliant ad idea this morning was met with "Hey, remember lawn darts?"

Sarah stood up. "No. I don't remember lawn darts.. But one day when I’m sitting around reminiscing about Power Rangers, you will all either be dead or in nursing homes."

Close-n-play record players were never mentioned again.

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