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October 29, 2007

Michele: Heavenly Moonshine

“Have a cold one.”
“No thanks,” Brian chuckled. “That’s what got me here in the first place.”
“It’s ok, son.”

Brian trusted the old man and sipped the drink.

The second the nectar tipped at his tongue, he felt a great rush inside his body, an emotional pull as if every ounce of remorse, guilt, and regret was fleeing from him. He swallowed the drink, sighing deeply. As he did, a beastly wisp of a demon flew out from his mouth. It hovered a minute beside him then disappeared with a faint pop.

“Peace be with you, son.”
“It is.”

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October 30, 2007

Michele: A Halloween Feast

At 7pm, a ghost and goblin show up on his doorstep. "Halloween’s tomorrow."

"Mom is going to the hospital tomorrow, so we’re doing it today.” The boy's voice is pleading, He feels sorry for the kids.

"Hang on, I'll get some candy." He wonders if there is an adult lurking in the shadows. Kids shouldn't be out alone in the dark.

He's fishing candy out of a Target bag when his door creaks. The goblin and ghost step inside, uninvited.

"Hey, gimme a sec..."

In five seconds they are on him, teeth digging into his fleshy neck, devouring his blood.

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October 31, 2007

Michele: Irony Not Lost

He kept buying larger houses, each eventually becoming too small for Annie. She’d feel squeezed in, no matter how high the ceilings or open the rooms. The attacks would come, and John would start looking for a bigger place.

They moved out to the country, where John built a house consisting of one enormous room. The first day, she ran into the open field and stood in the high grass looking at the endless sky, the grass that went on forever, a world without end.

How far did this go? How far til the next something?

Annie gasped for air.

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November 1, 2007

Michele: Safe Mode

I turn on the television to see what the hell’s going on, but when your town is aflame and the sidewalks have buckled, the cable will go kaput. Same for the internet. which doesn’t matter, as my computer is on the floor in a heap of plastic shards. The keyboard has exploded all over the office. An asterisk is embedded in the wall. F1 has been shot straight across the room, into the eye socket of my poseable Spider-Man, who appears to be winking a hint to “save as” before it all goes to hell. Too late, Spidey. Too late.

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November 6, 2007

Michele: Blind Loyalty

Sara screamed in pain as the bleach burned her eyes. Her attacker had fled, and she ran blindly through the woods, bare feet scraping over rocks and splintered wood.


Her husband! He was alive!

“Follow my voice, Sara!”

She walked slowly toward Michael. Everything was black. She was in pain and darkness. “Come on Sara…..into my arms….”

She staggered a few more feet, Michael’s voice stronger with each step. “That’s it, baby…last step…” She lunged forward, and her foot met with air.

The last thing Sara heard as she plunged toward the sea was the laugh of her husband.

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November 15, 2007

Michele: Alone in the Dark

It's dark in here, and cold. Snow comes in through the broken window and gets in my face and freezes my eyelashes. I can't get out of its way because my legs are hurt and I don’t think I can move. I hear things scurrying across the floor but I can't see them. Sometimes the moon moves out of the clouds and I see shadows of what's with me and it scares me. They smell blood and the exposed meat on my bones. They’re hungry. I am alone.

Where did you go?

And why did you leave me like this?

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November 19, 2007

Michele: I Wish

The party’s theme was “I Wish I…” Alexis dressed as a stripper, saying she wished to be less inhibitive. Andre was decked out in orange, wishing he was back in Florida.

Mave Gustavason walked in drunk, swinging an opened handcuff around. “I wish to be free from my constraints!” We all knew what she meant. Heads turned awkwardly toward her husband, standing behind her.

“James, you’re not wearing a costume!”
“But I am,” James looked at Mave. “I wish I could give my wife everything she wanted.”

With that, James pulled a gun out of his pants, smiled and fired.

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November 20, 2007

Michele: A Little Change

“2007, eh? So tell me, is my place still there? Can I die proud of my grandchildren?”

Rick looked up at the sign and back at the old man. McCormick and Sons Grocery burned down in the 50’s. The owner was charged with arson. When Rick found the time warp this morning, the place was simply called Adult Video and Accessories.

“Yea. The grocery store is still there,” he lied.

The man smiled. “This changes things.”

Rick shrugged. When he got back to 2007, the porn store was gone. McCormick’s Grocery Emporium was there.

Win some, lose some, he thought.

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November 27, 2007

Michele: Seven

First lick.

She paused. She could stop now. One wouldn't do anything.

Second lick.

It wasn't too late.

She laughed.

Third lick.

She was sure no one would be surprised at the act, but she hoped they would later laugh at the method.

Fourth lick.

Death by lollipop. She giggled.

Fifth lick.

She marveled that the poison didn't taste like anything except cherry and relief.

Sixth lick.

She laughed at what she was thinking. She sleepily grabbed a pen and scrawled a note on her arm for her family:

q: how many licks does it take?
a: seven.

Seventh lick.

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December 3, 2007

Michele: In Vain

God’s waiting room was filled with imposing statues and a translucent secretary. I was out of my element. I thought about leaving.

“God will see you now.”

God was waiting in a recliner. “You have sixty seconds. Go.”

“I…these are disposable wings. So…when someone gets..uh…discharged, you just throw them out and….” I fumbled with the sample wing; it slipped from my hand, crashing to the floor. “God fucking damn it.”


God stared me down.

“Oh Jesus. My boss is going to kill me.”

”Yes. He is. I’ll see you back here at 5:43. “ He smiled. “Wear disposable wings.”

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