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November 17, 2006


There's one thing you forgot to do.

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Tanya: I Suck at Titles

When the shooting finally stopped, Poppy carefully peeked out from where he was hiding. He was still out of view, and the rustlers hadn’t seen him.

Robert and Earl were dead, or faking really well, about ten feet away, and the rest of the men must be too. He watched nervously as the rustlers walked back toward their horses, planning to start rounding up the cattle. Damn thieves.

He waited for them to turn their backs, and then crawled out from under the chuckwagon, silently. With a quick one-two, he shot them both dead. Fools. They always forget the cook.

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Home Alone

I forgot one thing.

No. Wait.

I forgot two things. I think.

Check the door.


Check the stove.


Maybe I didn’t forget something.

Wait, I forgot one thing.

Check the garage door.


I hate leaving for vacation. It’s so hard to get going. I keep thinking I forgot something.

Oh well.

And away we go.

Jesus. Why is my nosy neighbor waving me down?

Roll down the window.

“Going on vacation, Tammy?”
“You forgot one thing...”
“Did not. Checked everything.”
“Strap the baby in the car seat?
“But you left her on the porch.”

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