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November 20, 2006


On very rare occasions, an otherwise normal person can perform at a level far above their natural skill and talent. All the tumblers fall, the stars align, God smiles upon them, and they do the virtually impossible.

Describe such an event.

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Jim: The Wonder Brawl

Doug spat out the metallic warmth of fresh blood while more poured down his face. He pushed himself back to his feet and curled his thin fists.

Frankie grinned. “You ain’t been beaten enough, boy?” he jibed.

At three hundred pounds of near-solid muscle, Frankie was more than most men could handle. But for a frail man like Doug, conquering this behemoth was impossible.

Nevertheless, Doug stalked forward.

And stopped when a five-foot, silver haired whirlwind appeared – kicking and gouging so furiously that Frankie never had a chance.

“Never touch my son again,” Doug’s mother hissed at the fallen thug.

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