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May 12, 2010


Today's theme is "dragons."

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He was babbling on about his novel again–green dragons, fairy dragons, gold dragons, chromatic dragons. All colors and types, all with different hoards. I sipped my tea and smiled.

Some cherished gems, others gold, others information or worship. Blah blah blah. I checked my long, gleaming nails. Time for a manicure.

He wound down, beaming. I put my hand on his. Felt the exhilaration and deeply satisfying feeling as his dream became mine.

He frowned. “But I guess my folks have a point–I really should declare a major in something practical. Like accounting.”

We all have hoards. Mine is dreams.

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My grandfather never talks much about his past. Every now and then he reveals snippets of his childhood.

‘M-m-m-m-my father beat my mother … How’s your car going?’

I guess that’s his way of getting these things off his chest.

‘M-m-m-m-my father was buried alive in the war … if it wasn’t for his desperate hand waving above the soil they’d never’ve found him … Just going to check whether the postie’s been, Lil.’

‘I’ve got some jobs for you to do when you come back inside Arthur … don’t you get sidetracked out there!’

‘I won’t love, I won’t.’

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I am a blasphemer, they say, a heretic, a worthless liar. I merely wanted to tell the truth. The truth as it really is, not the truth as the Council decrees. These creatures, these ruthless monsters, will destroy us all.

Repent! Repent before it’s too late!

I have seen their true nature with my own eyes, thieving scoundrels who murder their own kin. They care nothing for their young. They care nothing for morality.

The end is nigh!

Such destruction wrapped in a tiny package. Humans. The word leaves a bad taste in my mouth. May all dragon kind beware.

Posted by: Shadow Lor at May 12, 2010 10:48 PM · Permalink

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