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May 11, 2010


Today's theme is "being constructive."

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Dave: Some Assembly Required

"Honey, what do you make of this?"

Chrys peered down into the crawlspace. "Oh. Yuck."

Roger grunted. He'd seen more body parts during the war, but it was never pleasant.

"They look fresh," she said.

"Preserved. You can smell the chemicals."

"That's more than one ... person down there."

"More like three or four. I count four, five left feet. Not sure if they're, um, all complete sets or just ... pieces."

"I'll let you go down and check."

"Thanks, honey. One more thing -- look there. Some of these pieces have been stitched together."

She nodded slowly. "Volkart's building something."

"Or someone."

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David: The Middle Management Murders

“I think it should be orange.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“And rounder. It should definitely be rounder.”

“It’s a computer program.”

“Well, you know, the sense of roundness. Like, I should be using the interface and thinking, ‘Boy, this sure is round.’”

“All right, whatever. How about a rotating 3D sphere with all the controls on it?”

“That might be too round. But something like that. Roundish.”


“And orange. Don’t forget the orange. Or maybe green. People like green.”

“I’m going to choke you to death now with your power tie.”

“Hey, relax. I’m only trying to help.”

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Ted: Answering the Call

The phone rang at 11:37, a bit later than he expected. He had always thought it would come at dawn. For thirteen years he had been in this house, never leaving that dedicated phone line. The line that couldn't be tapped, or traced, or reached by a wrong number.

He spent his days training, perfecting his skill and his mind, working 14 hours a day to perform this one all important task.

Everything was delivered to him that he would need, except mail, which went to the Office to be handled by accountants, cryptologists, and psychiatrists.

"Go code Alpha, Dedicated."

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