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May 12, 2010


Today's theme is "dragons."

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Dave: A Family Affair

"I hate this monkey suit."

Chrys adjusted his tie. "You look very dashing."

"Great. Your family already doesn't like me."

"They do so. Well, some, perhaps. But Uncle Long is very fond of you, which is why we were invited to his birthday."

"Crap, we didn't buy him a gift! What the hell do you get the dragon who has everything?"

Chris chuckled. "Uncle Long's not like your Western dragons. He seeks only respect, not worldly wealth." She looked at him sideways. "You did memorize that list of titles and honorifics, didn't you?"

Roger dropped onto the bed. "I'm doomed."

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Jeff R.: War Stories

"So what is this weapon, anyhow? Something like a dragon?"

"I do not know, exactly. But not a dragon. If any of those survived the Long October they would be there as citizens, not weapons."

"So dragons are... a kind of... faerie?"

"No, not as such. But they were strong allies, during the great war, along with the Naga and the unbound Djinn. And during the Long October we had the same enemies."

"And it still took ten years to win?"

"The other side had its allies, too. Sorcerors, and things they bound. Things without names in any human tongue."

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