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May 13, 2010


Today's theme is "a round object."

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Dave: Conversations

"The Earth, you know, is not round," Uncle Long said.

Roger cleared his throat. "I've actually been around it, sir. It's ... round."

"It is, in fact, the shell of a great turtle, swimming the cosmos, snatching up spirits from the aether."

"Um, people have reached the South Pole. The Earth has a bottom, not an edge."

Uncle Long gazed at me. "I've met him, you know."


"The turtle. Terrible conversationalist." His narrowed eyes glowed with cold green fire. "Insists on correcting his elders."

"Roger, darling," Chrys interrupted, pulling me away with casual ease. "Come try some of these canapes."

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Ted: Sometimes

I curl up into a ball, making myself as small as I can be. I become a small round thing, instead of the thing she hates. I don't understand why, but she can't see me when I'm round.

When she is well again, she laughs, bakes cookies, and even plays games. But I never play with a ball when she is well. I don't want her to associate me with anything round. I can be tall, and let my pigtails and skirts flap in the wind playing outside.

When I sleep though, I curl up tight, and just be round.

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