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May 18, 2009


It's sunrise.

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Jenny pushed herself to wake up in the darkness. There was no alarm set, just the driving desire to find out. She wiggled out from the thick warm blankets into the chilly predawn air. She pulled on a jumper over her nightdress and the pair of jeans she wore the day before. Carefully so no one would hear she crept through the dark house. Once outside she sat down to wait, her knees tucked up under her jumper. Light spilled over the horizon and the firm knowledge that she knew; there was no loud, booming crack of dawn, just sunrise.

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“You should be out already. The entire world depends on you.”

“Eos is lame and Aethon has run off scared again.”

“That is no excuse. You have the most important job in the universe.”

“Zeus threw a bolt at us last night and he hit me! The horses zigzagged all over the place. I am surprised I don’t have a pile of goats on top of a mountain in my honour. He’s such an asshole when trying to impress the girls.”

“Helios, stop wasting time and get your damn chariot in the sky this instant! It’s time for sunrise!”

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