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May 15, 2009


All I want is SLEEP!

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David: Fragile Grip

I’ve been awake for a month; I should be dead, or insane. Apparently, They have other plans for me.

Yes, “They.” As in, “Them,” you know what I mean. They’re behind everything. They’ve done this to me, and for a reason. I just don’t know what They have in store for me yet.

I saw what They did, and They saw me, like what They say about staring into the Abyss. Ha! Of course, that makes sense now. They were warning us.

Am I ranting? I guess I sound paranoid. What did you expect? I’ve been awake for a month.

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Dave: Perchance to Dream

“Then go to sleep,” I said. I knew it wouldn’t be that simple. It never was.

“When I sleep, nightmares come.”

I shrugged. “We all saw a lot of stuff in the service. It sticks with you.”

“No, I don’t mean I have nightmares. I mean nightmares come here. They come to life.”

I cocked my head. Shell shock. Maybe. Probably.

“I don’t have a wife any more.”

Not surprising. “She left you?”

“No, don’t you understand? They took her. The nightmares. They stole my wife.”

His next words finally gave me a chill. “And I have a daughter –"

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