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March 26, 2009


Do you need some string?

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Michele: How to Kill a Clown

“Do you need some string?” The boy had five balloons in his arms. When he reached up to grab a stray balloon, another floated away. The clown asked the boy again: “Do you need some string?”

The boy shook his head, grabbed the errant balloon and continued down the boardwalk. The clown, intrigued, followed him down the stairs and under the boardwalk. The boy smiled, let the balloons go. They reached the boardwalk's underside, where splinters exploded them. A shower of latex and color floated to the ground. And then, the clown was gone.

“It worked.”The boy smiled. “Magic.”

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Jeff R.: The Pitch

"Some string? Now where's the point in that? What kind of person would take a perfectly good stringless yo-yo and add string?"

"Well, I-"

"A totally boring person, sir, and I see you're not one of them. String! The very idea!"

"But, without string, how does-"

"Now that, my friend, is a trade secret. Why, I could get fired for uttering one single syllable of it, and be out on the street. I can tell you this, though: it's only fools who think it's done with magnets. Now, how much would you pay for this marvel of modern technological prowess?"

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