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March 27, 2009


(Per my wife's suggestion...)

"What's that smell?"

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LJ: A New Dawn

It was a delicious smell, like the smell I'd known for centuries... but subtly different.

He offered me a glass of whatever it was. I gave him a wary glance, but drank deeply of it.

I exhaled heavily, and my lips curled in a smile. It wasn't the real thing, but it did quench the Thirst. "It's good."

"It's better," he replied, and opened the shade, letting in sunlight. I instinctively flinched... but did not burn.

Had my blood still run, it would have run cold. He had done more than cure the Thirst.

Our world was about to change.

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Jim: Two Scents Worth

“That is a blend of many foul odors.” Colonel Vance twisted the ends of his enormous waxed mustachios and continued, “That is the smell of the townspeople evacuating their bowels and bladders as we rode down on them. That is the smell of guts and blood as we wreaked upon these people the carnage they so rightfully deserved. That is the smell of bones crushed under our horses’ hooves and of honest sweat as our soldiers crushed all life from this town…”

“No, no. This is something like onions…”

“Oh,” the Colonel grinned. “I’m making stew. Would you like some?”

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Jeff R.: Surrounds You

Of course, the second infestation was actually the third infestation. The government tried to cover up the actual second infestation, claiming they were chemical weapons, terrorist attacks. They even bombed the hell out of two countries to keep up the lie. It might have worked, if a few veterans hadn't happened to be in the parts of the malls that they were able to evacuate in time.

They didn't see anything, but they didn't have to. The smell, of blood and exposed brain, and worst of all, the unmistakable acrid cloying odor of the zeds isn't something anyone ever forgets.

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