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January 31, 2008


Today's theme is "the 100th day."

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Tanya: Untitled

“Sam. Sam, look.”

“Let me be. It’s nothing. Another mirage.”

“No. It’s real,” he rasped.

Sam raised his burning head, and glanced at the horizon. Mac was right. A ship.

They had drifted for ages, it must have been months, after the boat’s engine had failed in a storm. Subsisting on whatever fish they could catch, and collecting rainwater in coolers, they had waited and prayed. They were malnourished, dehydrated, and blistered by the blazing sun. And now they were rescued.

Without speaking, they tied the anchor to Rick’s gnawed body, and pushed it overboard. Then they fired the flares.

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Dave: Perfection

It had been a long time coming.  Carefully, each day, she'd crafted it -- considering, rejecting, analyzing, mulling, and finally coming up with one small addition to the overall structure, one precisely delivered gem or twisted wire to the whole that would be her masterpiece.

She knew the others had given up on her.  They rushed-rushed-rushed, churning out "product."  Her's, though, would be exquisite, fabulous, the stuff of legends.  And it was nearly complete.

After a few, prayerful moments, eye closed, breathing deeply, she typed at last, "thundrous."

She counted once more.  One hundred days.  One hundred words.

She clicked "Save."


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LJ: Here's hoping I don't get kicked off the site or struck by lightning for this one...

...and there was night, and there was day; the 99th day.

And God said unto the man, now take hold of thy Mr. Happy, and do stroke it up and down vigorously, until thy seed spill forth. And the man said, Pardon, Lord, but that doth sound stupid. And God said, Trust me, thou shalt enjoy it.

And the man did seize hold of his willy, and did stroke it vigorously. And he did say, O God.

And God said, Yes. And he saw that it was very good.

And there was night, and there was day; the 100th day.

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Sealyon: A Bad Day at the Office

She had scratched the wall with her fingernail 99 times; once for each day that she was trapped.

Had it really been 100 days? Her mind was numb with the thought: 100 days, stolen, forever.

The marks on the wall didn't lie: 100 days.

At the beginning, she'd told herself that 100 days was the limit: after that - escape. She knew about the electric fence, the dogs, the armed guards. She knew others died trying. But she was sneakier and had no feeling for the guard she killed.

Act like you know what you're doing… And she was free.

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David: Turns Out, Black Holes

The book says that God worked six days and then took a break. There’s no mention of what He created in the following days.

On Day Eight, He invented the cirrocumulus cloud because he felt the upper atmosphere lacked zip.

On Day 42, He came up with Douglas Adams, and left Himself a note to implement him later on.

On Day 77, He thought up the rum and coke, which He found ironic.

Day 78 He took off again.

On Day 100, He invented relativity and quantum mechanics, couldn’t decide which He preferred, and installed both to see what happened.

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Ted: Marking Time

Day and night didn't matter. That was just local time. A 'day' to this band was the time between dying and being rejuvenated.

Col. Davis looked over the pers files of his troopers, looking for the most senior man present.

Armor Sergent O' Reily. Civilly convicted of sixteen rapes, twelve murders, eight arson with intent to kills, and two unnatural acts.

Rejuvenated: 99 times. Sentence: 100.

Damn, Davis liked O'Reily. He was a solid man in a valuable position. The next time he bought it, he would be buying six inches of wall. His name would go right Col. Brandt's.

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Stacy: De-Illuminated

The Sun did shyne for a Cardinal of days, whilst the people made Merrie. And the world was Warm and Bryte.

Fyrst, the Fields didst begin to Drye and Cracke, the Harvest turned to Dust. The Kine didst fall and dyed where they lay. The River fled to under the Erth.

We entreated the King to sayve us. The King gifted the Wyze Men with more Gold and Sylver, and they Travelled again to the West. We wayted many more days, whilst the Sun did burn our Towne.

At last the Sun did not burn, and the Twylyght Time returned.

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