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January 31, 2008

LJ: Here's hoping I don't get kicked off the site or struck by lightning for this one...

...and there was night, and there was day; the 99th day.

And God said unto the man, now take hold of thy Mr. Happy, and do stroke it up and down vigorously, until thy seed spill forth. And the man said, Pardon, Lord, but that doth sound stupid. And God said, Trust me, thou shalt enjoy it.

And the man did seize hold of his willy, and did stroke it vigorously. And he did say, O God.

And God said, Yes. And he saw that it was very good.

And there was night, and there was day; the 100th day.

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This is wonderful! And the title of it makes it all the more better..I laughed out loud reading this. I've just found this site, and I think, after reading yours, I'm inspired to join.

Thank you.

Posted by: BrendanO at February 1, 2008 8:45 AM · Permalink

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