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December 10, 2007


Musical Questions today. Ask one, or answer one, or both.

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Michele: Have You Ever Been

"Are you experienced?"

"It depends what you mean by experienced. If you're asking if I've worked in this capacity before, then no. But really, what is experience? Is it just the culmination of job skills you learn while doing rote tasks each day from 9-5? Or is it the other things you learn; the worldly knowledge you pick up from watching your co-workers or engaging in conversation with them? Or perhaps experience is gained away from your job, the life lessons that are taught to you every time you do something new."

"Do you know how to work a fryer?"

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Jim: Who To Call

Ebenezer scowled at the apparition. “There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!” he said, a little louder than was his wont.

On cue, two shafts of twining light spun out from the sitting room’s darkened corners. They wrapped themselves around Jacob Marley’s ghost and deposited the spirit into a box that, save for a blinking red light, may once have held soda crackers.

“That should do it,” Winston said, lifting the smoking box.

Ray and Egon nodded while Peter Venkman added, “There’ll be three more ghosts tonight. Did you want the quantity discount, Mr. Scrooge?”

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Ted: Montage

Have I ever seen the rain?

I have seen the purple rain, black rain, November rain, and the cold Kentucky rain. I've seen 12 black rainbows on a rainy day in New York City. I've heard a hard rains gonna fall and gone outside to just to cry over a stupid cake that someone left in Macarthur Park. I blamed it on the rain, the night my momma got out of prison. I feel it every time it rains at night in Georgia, and here comes the rain again.

I'm the Rain King, but I can't stop the rain.

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