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December 7, 2007


Your free association word of the day is latte.

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Dave: Compatibility

Cici liked a venti latte at her Starbucks, with lots of whipped cream.  "Good thing I'm not allergic to dairy," she'd quip.

Delia was into whatever seasonal flavor they were serving -- pumpkin or peppermint or gingerbread or whatever.  She hated coffee, but had a heck of a sweet tooth.

Makela ordered whatever fancy blend was up on the board.  Kenyan AAAA or Upper Volta Peaberry or whatever.  She'd never drink the coffee I made at home.

Pat went for Frappacinos, even when it was snowing.

Laney, though -- she liked her Americano,  Simple, good taste, and what I ordered, too.

So I married her.

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Jim: Joe Abroad

Good coffee should be like my ex-boss’ heart: black as the depths of night and bitter as a jilted lover.

My ex-boss is dead now, and there I was, rotting away in a foreign jail, and all I could think about was coffee.

Oh, sure, the prison had tea. All the tea in China, except the prison wasn’t in China and I don’t care for tea.

Those foreigners acquitted me and, as a freed man, I found a little place that served coffee, but they insisted on adding steamed milk to it.

“Oh well,” I sighed, “better latte than never.”

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From The Comments: Ree

Let's Play Starbucks

“Haley, Brandy is here for your playdate.”

“Okay, Mommy. We’ll go up to my room to play.”

“Do you want to play dolls? I brought mine over for a tea party…”

“I dunno…we played tea party last time and your dolly ate up all the cookies. Why don’t we play Starbucks instead? We can drink lattes and eat biscottis.”

“Okay, I won’t let Dolly have too many biscotti.”

“This latte is really yummy. How is your biscotti? What do you think of these gas prices? Will it ever stop raining?”

“I dunno. I just want the troops to come home.”

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