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September 26, 2007


Today's theme is from here to there.

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Dave: Family Gatherings

The ship slowly pulled into Hong Kong's cluttered harbor, and Roger watched the  junks and sampans and whatever they called them clustering about and making a general navigational threat of themselves.

"Well, we made it," he told Chrys.

"We could have been here sooner.  Uncle Lu --"

"You may trust your uncle to witch us from San Francisco to here.  I don't."

"His feelings were hurt." 

"His hands tremble too much.  Besides --"


"Hard to object to something that gives us a few weeks alone." He smiled at her.

"A tramp steamer is hardly the Queen Mary."

"It is with you aboard, honey."

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David: Practical Application

“Wait, is it teleportation, or dimensional travel?”

“It’s both! Given an infinite number of universes, there must be one out there someplace which is exactly identical to this one, other than the location of a single person or object. My machine swaps those two objects, such that they both appear in their new universes at each other’s original location. Subjectively, one object moves instantaneously from one place to the other, while the other takes the reverse trip.”

“But, to an outside observer, nothing happened, right? The thing is still where it started.”

“Um, yes.”

“Is someone paying you for this?”

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Ted: The episode where Penny's father makes a mistake...

The three suitors had far less aplomb.

"But, we've negotiated in good faith," simped the first.

"Indeed. We have brought gifts beyond this person's comprehension," snorted the second.

The third said. "I, for one, welcome a new challenger."

"Sorry fellas, not here for her. Here for him. Could have a moment, Sir?"

The Wizard wasn't amused. Then he made the other three disappear. "Son, you smell like you bathed in magic. How did you get here from there, outside, wherever, through my wards?"

What could I do? I showed him the spell.

I didn't know he would fuck it up.

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