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September 26, 2007


Today's theme is from here to there.

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I took the left turn that I hadn't taken for some time and began up that long, narrow road. Switchbacks are everywhere, and though dangerous, they also provide a long view on the world below.

Once atop the mountain, the smoke could be seen for miles. It was the sign of a fire which had laid waste to a vast area but was barely visible.

Once down the other side, the black ground and lonely burnt tree trunks stood testament to what occurs when neglect takes over an area.

The new green sprouts beneath showed why it's necessary to burn.

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He sat on the train tonight, lucky enough to get a window seat but unfortunate in the fact his seat companion took up extra space and was allergic to deodorant.

He pressed his nose against the glass, hoping somehow, he could access the fresh air that rushed past the train outside.

He looked around enviously at other passengers who sat beside wafer-thin ladies bathed in their afternoon perfumes.

Hope came and left with every train stop until it was his turn to exit.

As he squeezed past, he frowned at me. I looked away, hiding the hurt in my eyes.

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