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September 27, 2007


Today's theme is a fiery crash.

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David: Mm'kay?

“You hafta try this,” he said, handing me the baggie full of red rocks.

“I don’t do crack,” I replied, offering it back.

“That ain’t crack. It’s new. Called Fireball. They fused an eight-ball to an f’in fire elemental. I never felt nothing like this.” He was sweating, and kept rubbing his cheeks.

“No shit?

“I shit you not.”

“Where’d you get magic drugs?”

“Just eat it. My treat.”

I popped a rock from the baggie into my mouth. It felt like Tabasco on fire.

“Dude, I don’t feel so hot,” he said, just before bursting into flames. Ironic bastard.

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