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August 3, 2007


Your free association word of the day is gossip.

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Jim: Overheard At The Pentagon

10:08 am –1st floor, Water Cooler – “Did you see the game? Man, what an awesome catch in the end zone!”

11:42 am –1st floor, Men’s Room – “I heard there was an amazing end zone catch this weekend. “

1:08 pm –2nd floor, Copier – “Heard anything about the N Zone?

3:12 pm –3rd floor, Tactics – “They’re talking about the N Zone downstairs. I want a full briefing!”

4:07 pm –4th floor, Map Room – “The Neutrality Zone is on this border. Nothing shows on satellite, though.”

7:14 pm – 5th floor, Operations – “There’s no time to wait for better intel. Start cluster bombing!”

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Dave: Informed Sources

"I was talking to Mrs. Vincent today."

"I thought you hated Mrs. Vincent.  You said she smelled like an old bag of --"

"She does.  But she knows everything that goes on around here."

"I thought you hated gossip.  You said it was like old crows sitting on the --"

"Except when it's for business.  Mrs. Vincent was talking to Mrs. Horowitz yesterday."

"She's the one you say looks like --"

"She does.  But she told Mrs. Vincent that Mr. Deodato told Tony the Grocer that there's something happening to vagrants down on Skid Row.  That they're disappearing."

"That happens."

"Yeah, but parts are being left behind."

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