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August 3, 2007

Jim: Overheard At The Pentagon

10:08 am –1st floor, Water Cooler – “Did you see the game? Man, what an awesome catch in the end zone!”

11:42 am –1st floor, Men’s Room – “I heard there was an amazing end zone catch this weekend. “

1:08 pm –2nd floor, Copier – “Heard anything about the N Zone?

3:12 pm –3rd floor, Tactics – “They’re talking about the N Zone downstairs. I want a full briefing!”

4:07 pm –4th floor, Map Room – “The Neutrality Zone is on this border. Nothing shows on satellite, though.”

7:14 pm – 5th floor, Operations – “There’s no time to wait for better intel. Start cluster bombing!”

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