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August 3, 2007


Your free association word of the day is gossip.

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“I heard her parents split up over summer.”

“I heard she’s living with her Grandma now. Imagine that! I guess it explains those disgusting clothes she wears.”

“I heard she disappears to the bathroom right after lunch. Every. Day. You know what that means.”

“I heard Bobby Patterson kissed her for a joke last week. His friends were laughing about it all through Chem 2.”

“I heard she got caught with a bag of coke on random locker search. I bet it wasn’t even good stuff. Who’d deal to her?”

“I heard she’s finally gonna do it tonight. Good riddance.”

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“What is denature?” Julie shouted to the Jeopardy contestant on TV. “Like when cooking hardens an egg.” She reached for pretzels when his wrong answer lost the round.

“Denaturation,” she mused, “something changes then never changes back.”

Church counselor Sister Betty, had whispered Cecelia’s secrets to Julie who first felt pity, then horror realizing her own confessions would become gossip. Bonds of human trust snapped under the betrayal. Embarrassed, she fled the parish, the service clubs, the gym, all social contact. Did every eye know her shame?

TV peopled her reclusive life now. Alex Trebek was smiling just for her.

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