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July 27, 2007


You're in a dark room...

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The candle flickered with the light breeze from the open window. The night was dark; no moon tonight just a multitude of twinkling stars calling to her.

The room was bare save the lone candle placed centrally. She sat in the corner furthest from the window, looking past its light and up to the stars, longing to join them.

She heard the creak of the stairs under his weight and silently prayed that he wasn’t coming for her. As the key turned she closed her eyes, her prayer ignored, abandoned, alone. Her naked body shivered despite the warm night air.

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She laid on top of the sheets on the edge of sleep. It was a warm humid night and the sweat beaded on her naked skin as there was a rustle on the bed.

She smiled as she felt a warm tongue glide across her skin.

"Mmmmm... honey... not tonight. It's too hot. I just need to get some sleep."

She rolled over, but the soft tongue never relented.

"Honey... please."

Suddenly the lights flashed on, and her husband poked his head in the room. "Who are you talking to dear?"

She looked over next to her. "The dog apparently."

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