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July 27, 2007


You're in a dark room...

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Dave: A Darkened Room

It was all darkness around me.  I fumbled about ... found something ... pulled myself up.

Voices in the distance.  I considered staying silent -- where the hell was I? -- but the oppression of the blackness was jiust too great.  "Hello?  Is anyone there?"

Silence ... then footsteps.  I heard a door open, but no light came through it.  Was this whole place dark?  "Hello?"

"Mister Waid, you're awake."

"Yes -- what time is it?  What's goiing on?"  I felt compelled to lower my voie.  "Where are we?"

"You're at St. Crispin's Hospital, Boston.  The intensive care ward."

"But -- why can't I --?" I stopped.  The answer was suddenly, blindingly obvious.



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David: Passages, All Alike

How did I end up like this?

There I was, minding my own business, not bothering anyone, when I suddenly found myself in the middle of the woods, next to an improbably colossal cave. I started looking around, as one would, for someone to tell me what’s going on, where I am, how to leave, or anything useful like that.

I wound up inside the cave eventually, starting to get a little concerned. I started compulsively picking up random items I found laying about.

Now, I’m in a pitch dark chamber. I think I hear something breathing. Something gruesome. Xyzzy.

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Jim: Every Saturday Night In Tim's Basement

“Can’t my Elven eyes see in the dark?” Tim asked.

Not this dark.

“Then I light a torch.”

You don’t have a torch.

Sam grinned. “Hey, I have a torch.”

The Dwarf has a torch.

Tim rolled a die. “I light his torch with a fireball.”

“Wait a sec!” Sam yelled.

The torch was in the Dwarf’s backpack. You incinerated the Dwarf.

Sam scowled. “Way to go, Asshole.”

“Why was the torch in your pack, Buttwad?”

“I’ve got a two-handed axe, Dorkweed. D-uh!”

You hear claws scraping against stone. Something is being drawn by the tempting aroma of roast Dwarf.

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Sealyon: Let Me Show You Something

Okay, open your eyes.

Okay. Wow, it’s really dark in here.


So… now what?

Now it rubs the lotion on its skin…

Cut it out. That’s not funny.

Sure it is. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Did you just bring me here to try and freak me out? ‘Cause it’s lame.

Whatever. Okay, are you ready?


Are you really ready?

For Chrissakes, I’m ready, already.

Here we go!

“Here we go” what? What? Hello? I still can’t see shit. Am I supposed to be seeing something? I don’t know why I let -----

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