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June 28, 2007


In honor of our site's shiny new FAQ, answer an infrequently asked question.

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Sealyon: Is that you, Zaphod?

The extra one? Extra what? Oh, the head. Yeah, well. No, most people don’t remark on it, as a matter of fact. It’s a little rude – he can hear you, y’know.

It’s quite the chick magnet, really. You don’t think so? Well, you’d be surprised how many girls go for that sort of thing, especially off-planet. Obviously you aren’t getting half the action I am, even with that extra hand.

How? Well, why don’t you just ask him? I’ve got some tail to chase.

Hey, sweet thing. I haven’t seen a torso like that since Sector 4729. Fancy a drink?

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Stacy: Pirates or Ninjas?

As a pirate, you’re sailing the high seas, answering to no man, plundering where you will. Take what you want, giving nothing back! On the other hand, your nutrition is sketchy at best, and your personal hygiene is positively non-existent. Plus, your co-workers are not the most educated of companions.

As a ninja, you lead a life of ascetism and meditation, with interstitial episodes of mayhem and mass murder. Your weapons and hand-to-hand skills are unmatched, as is your general sneakiness, but you’re almost certain to die alone.

Screw it, I want to be a cowboy. Yippee kai ay, motherfucker.

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David: You Don't Hear What You Don't Expect

“Hmm? Oh, I don’t know. Nothing much. I thought I might get a little exercise in. Then there’s a couple of TV shows I want to catch. I’ll probably do some reading, wash the dishes, check out the headlines on the internet, stuff like that.

“Actually, there’s this short story I’ve been working on in my head for weeks now. I think I’ve finally got it to the point where I can risk writing it down without butchering it and ruining the idea. I might take a swing at that.

“So, do you have anything interesting going on tonight, Susan?”

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