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April 3, 2007


An anti-technology field has appeared around your person.

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Jim: The Re-Buffer

Dr. Hyunan grinned at the assembled military brass. “Except for the belt itself, nothing technological may exist within the personal security field,” he explained.

“But an enemy’s gun is outside the field,” a general mused.

“The bullet, however, being created by the technology of smelting, cannot enter.”

Another general asked, “What about an explosion next to the field?”

Hyunan shook his head. “The explosive force is also technology. And before you ask, knives, clubs, even pointy sticks all count as technology.”

“So what’s the ‘big drawback’ you mentioned?” inquired yet another officer.

“It’s clothes,” Hyunan shrugged. “Clothing is technological, too.”

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David: One Of Those Days

My laptop crashed and refused to reboot. I tried calling tech support, but my cell phone wasn’t getting service even before the battery died.

I hopped into my car to drive into the office. As I was approaching an intersection, my engine died. At that exact moment, the power went out in the neighborhood I was driving through, killing the stoplight.

I tried to stop, but my brakes failed. The steering wheel locked up, my vision blurred through my glasses, and I hammered head-on into a semi, causing no damage.

The airbag didn’t deploy. By that point, I wasn’t surprised.

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Ted: A Very Personal Problem

"Let me make sure I understand. You mean that you have developed a psychological aversion to modern artifacts?"

"No. I mean that THINGS won't work around me. I woke up to the alarm, but when I hit snooze, it froze. I turned the faucet in the shower and it broke in my hand. My car didn't start, my phone died, my watch stopped, and I my contacts dissolved. I'm lucky I had silk clothing: my polyester evaporated."

"My office clock is still working."

"Watch this."

"I see. I can help, but you have appease Nujak, the god of fabrication first."

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Jeff R.: Cruel and Unusual

The anti-technology field is my own invention, although Lynne did help. When activated, it de-activates any invention based on technologies more advanced than the wheel. We use it for controlling experiments gone wrong, and, ocassionally, for punishment.

It's a pretty harsh punishment, but it is the only one that works with Alva. And we never used it for more than an hour, until now. This time, though, it's got to be at least all night.

Meanwhile, it's going to take me at least a couple of days to figure out how to reverse the effects of Alva's Gender Randomizer Grenades,

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