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April 2, 2007


Today's story takes place in the shower.

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David: The Difference Between Fame And Obscurity

Archimedes stood in the shower, absently washing off the accumulated grime of life in Syracuse, pondering the problem set before him by King Heiron.

The shower was one of Archimedes’ own inventions, based on his water-lifting screw mechanism. The idea had come to him while watching maidens frolic under a cataract. Archimedes sighed, remembering that inspiration, as the spray of water danced across the back of his neck.

The crown, he reminded himself. How to determine if it was solid gold without removing a piece to sample? Archimedes watched the water circle the drain, but no ideas came to him.

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“Dear God. My head,” she moaned. She choked back a dry heave as the hot water ran over her pounding temples.

Last night had been… what? They’d taken Tom’s car to the club. He called her maddeningly beautiful. They danced, drank, kissed, drank. He worshipped the ground she walked on. The nicest guy she’d ever known.

And she’d left the club with Gary. She shook her aching head, confused. “That can’t be right…”

And then she remembered the look on Tom’s face as she left the club. It was true. She sat on the floor of the shower and sobbed.

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Michele: Hide and Seek

She stood still in the shower. Something was in her bathroom. Something. Too large to be a man.

The thing moved around, opening drawers. It banged its head on the closet door and let out a strange moan. An inhuman moan.

She screamed for her husband. "TOM!! IT'S GOING TO KILL MEEEEEEEEE!!"

She cowered, waiting for it to come after her.

Tom kicked open the door, gun pointed. She heard him gasp, then a bang.

She stepped out of the shower. The floor was littered with fur, blood and eggs.

"My god, Tom. You killed the Easter Bunny."

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Ted: Losing Her Name

The Rex woke up late. He stretched and rubbed his bloody eye.

"Dammit, Orina! Where the fuck are you?" His bellows rattled the ratty prints hanging crooked on the plaster walls.

A mousey waif crawled in the vacant doorway.

"You know you are supposed to be here when I wake up. By my bedside. Do you need another lesson?"

Orina shook her head in fear and cowered even lower on the rough wooden floor.

"Good girl. Now open your mouth."

As the Rex aligned his flab, Orina revealed the blade she had hidden between her legs.

Long live the Regina.

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Jeff R. Preamble

We later learned that they were fragments from an alien hive-ship the size of Manhattan, nuked well above orbit by a German Satellite weapon. At the time, if just seemed like another meteor shower, if a little green-er and flashier than most.

We learned better soon enough, though. Far more than expected survived atmosphere and impact, and the unfortunates who found the meteorites where they landed became the alpha patients in the first Zed epidemic.

Lucky enough these were the slow-moving type. It wasn't until the military-industrial complex got a hold of the slime that the fast ones were born.

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