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March 5, 2007


Today's theme is...

Just add water.

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Jim: Invasion

Marvin carefully paced out the distances between tablets, arranging them into precise formation. The effort was both backbreaking and painstaking; but Marvin would not fail.

While dawn’s first kiss made the eastern sky blush over the valley, he paused to lift his helmet and wipe beads of sweat from his glistening brow. The city, blissfully unaware of Marvin’s sinister activity on the hill above, began to awaken.

Just add water, he thought as he turned to look at his work. To his horror, he saw that the tablets were gone!

“Darn Earth creature!” Marvin swore, unholstering his PU-36 Space Modulator.

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Tanya: Untitled

Betsy walked through the patch, watering the seedlings, fertilizing the larger plants. She pinched off aphids and other nasty bugs. Added ladybugs where there were none.

She checked under the bright green leaves of each of the fully grown plants, making her way up each row. Nope, nope, nope. Ah, here’s a few. Carefully, she removed the ones that were ready, wrapped them, and gently bundled them into the wheelbarrow. Then she trundled back to the farm, cooing at the fat little bundles of joy, wrapped in cabbage leaves, and ready to be sent to new parents all over town.

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Ted: Mechanical Devolution

All around her, she could feel the water. Warm and persistant. Her eyes and ears were full of Gulf. Her throat and belly welcomed the return to Mother Ocean.

She wondered how much longer.

Briefly, she tickled the shell of a tropical lobster as she lay on the bottom.

Too dark to see, there at the bottom of the Gulf; too quiet also.

Only the feeling of water around her told her she was still alive.

Pressure test passed, she raised her powerful arms and kicked her metallic legs to raise again to the surface.

Next came the sonar upgrade.

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Jeff R.: Martian Blossom

After the initial struggle for survival was over, the Martian colonists begin the scientific missions their base was originally designed for. The first deep soil probe revealed a strata of organic material, proof positive of prior life on Mars.

Further, among that material were a good many perfectly preserved spores, ready to live again should the right conditions arise. Director and President Simon Zolivar, always one for the classical reference, labeled one of the sample bottles "10,000 Dehydrated Martians- Just Add Water."

All thought of terraforming Mars vanished, and the project changed to Areoforming: restoring the conditions of primordial Mars.

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David: Thing!

New from the makers of Thing! and Ultra Thing! With Stuff!, it’s Instant Thing! Just add water for the Thing! you need, any time, anywhere.

Keep Instant Thing! at home, at the office, and in your car, for unparalleled convenience. Don’t let this happen to you:

“Honey? Did you pack that Thing!?”

“I thought you had it.”

“I want a divorce.”

If only he had brought along Instant Thing!

Instant Thing!, like all our Things!, is made here in the USA out of all-natural ingredients, and is FDA-approved. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

Also available in Pine, Beef, and Titanium.

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Stacy: Just Add Water

The water was foul-tasting, choked as it was with the duckweed, and the ice-like shock of it startled her to sharpness. She gulped a great breath before going under, and fought the bonds twisted around ankle and hand, struggling to loosen the knots before they became water gorged. Then she shrugged the rough gunny sack down and kicked it free.

Silently she rose from the shallows of the millpond. Then spoke she harshly unto the gathered and terrified townsfolk.

“Look ye for a witch? Then ye shall have one.”

Many voices raised in terror that day. Then spoke no more.

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