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February 28, 2007


Today's theme is a picture:

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David: It Was The Last Season

“Okay, so, there’s this girl. She goes to a seedy, vaguely supernatural and menacing carnival, and goes into the fun house. She winds up falling into a big stripey vortex thing for eternity.”

“So, what does the vortex represent? War? Communism? And why a girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not seeing the allegory. Girls aren’t particularly prone to getting sucked into a war or whatever. Why not make it a G-Man?”

“It’s not war. It’s a big stripey… vortex… thingy. Just because.”

“I was afraid of this. Rod, the bosses at CBS think you've been working too hard lately.”

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Ted: 4:04 A.M.

"Come on, just once more. Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

Jessi pulled out of Dan Jason's grip. She was such a sweet girl, really. Didn't understand that Jason was trying to get her out and get her safe. He was just too fucked up to handle her intensity.

He was on day three of a heroic drunk when he got the call. It was his anniversary. He always stayed drunk that week.

The call to help Jessi sobered him just enough to flit to the Duello. But once there, the lights and music hammered what was left of his senses.

Time to call backup.

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Jeff R.: Genesis

She was alone, on an infinte, featureless, gray plane.

She began to dance, and her dance divided the light from the darkness.

Later, there would be days and nights and suns and stars and continents and oceans. For now, there was only rhythm and beat.

Later, there would be grass and trees and seed and fruit and fish and foul and beast and snake and insect. For now, there was only step and time.

Later, there would be man and woman and sin and grace and gardens and towers and wars and peace. For now, there was only the dance.

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