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February 2, 2007


It's Groundhog Day!

You've just relived the same day for the fifth time, and have come to realize that you can do anything without lasting consequence.

What would be the biggest waste of an opportunity like this?

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David: Precious Moments

“We’re going to be late, Betty!”

“For what, Stan?”

“You’ll see.” He stopped at the theater. “Two, please.” He hustled to the concession stand. “Large popcorn, heavy butter. Watch your head opening the popper.”

The concession stand kid opened the glass door, and stacks of cups atop the machine started to tip over. The kid caught them. Stan got his snacks without incident.

Stan led Betty into the theater and sat down just as the lights dimmed.

“This is my sixth time,” Stan told Betty as the opening credits for The Complete Lord of the Rings Trilogy began to play.

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Jeff R.:Journal found in a Chronic Hysteresis

Iteration Activity
1-5: Orientation, discovering the 'rules'.

5-45: Hedonism.

46: Learn death doesn't break cycle.

47-90: High-risk Hedonism.

91-128: Risk-taking for it's own sake.

129: Experience endless hours of pain and

130-148: Push limits of own morality in
consequence-free world.

149-433: Skill development.

434-2833: Skill development with Hedonistic

2833-2948: Return to solipsitic moral limit-testing.

2950-3140: Suicide attempts.

3141-3882: Skill development, memorization of
day's minutia.

3883-4274: Develop plan for a 'perfect' version
of day.

4375-4475: Repititions of dealized day.

4476-5833: Meditation.

5834: Achieve perfect Satori, discover
secret to escape endless day.

5835-8832: Work on scoring 3333360 points
in Pac-Man.

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