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February 1, 2007


Everybody else sees only a wall.

What do you see?

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Jim: Hotep-Ra

Despite both our clever ruses and concealed acts of sabotage, the archeologists pulled back the sands and found the tomb.

They gasped at the ornate frescoes and intricate hieroglyphs, then spent weeks photographing and noting the details. After that, they itemized the sarcophagus’ measly baubles and carted them off with the mummified cadaver.

And then they left.

That night, with ancient parchment in hand, we entered the tomb and pressed the concealed levers on the inscribed wall.

In a cloud of fine sand, it swayed open to reveal the true royal treasures beyond.

We had just become very rich men.

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David: Motivation

“I see an opportunity!”

“How so?”

“We paint a mural, something uplifting, something that will make the people of this neighborhood feel good about themselves, stay off drugs, finish school, and become productive members of society.”

“You think a mural can do all that?”

“Art has the power to move people. It has to be bold and uncompromising. It has to make people think. It has to refuse to be ignored.”

“It has to be approved by the guy who owns the building.”



The four-story “Hang In There” kitten poster didn’t go over as well as some had hoped.

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Jeff R.:Within the Bridge-Fort

Aaron poked Jake, then pointed to the far wall. "Can you see anything there?" he asked.

"A wall?" answered Jake dully.

"Close you eyes, count to eleven, and look again."

Jake closed his eyes and counted in his head. When he reached eleven, he saw, where only stone had been, another Blue Door. It's patterns were similar in style but vastly different otherwise to the first.

Aaron could tell Jake saw it now. "The trick is the looking again. The rest is but a gimmick."

"Where does this one go?"

"A cave near a beach on the island of Cyprus."

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Ted: Sometimes the Spirit Moves Them.

The funhouse walls were electrified, the floor fans alternatedly freezing or roasting, and all the mildly gruesome torture scenes were suddenly very real.

Crap. This town attracts all the really evil ones. The roaming vampires, the lost werewolves, even that little glowing alien with a name I still can't pronounce all had to come here to see if it was the real thing.

But hey, it's not like I invited them or anything.

The only thing I ever did was see the Virgin.

Yeah, yeah. I know. But she really is there, embossed-like, on the wall in the men's room.

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