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February 2, 2007

Jeff R.:Journal found in a Chronic Hysteresis

Iteration Activity
1-5: Orientation, discovering the 'rules'.

5-45: Hedonism.

46: Learn death doesn't break cycle.

47-90: High-risk Hedonism.

91-128: Risk-taking for it's own sake.

129: Experience endless hours of pain and

130-148: Push limits of own morality in
consequence-free world.

149-433: Skill development.

434-2833: Skill development with Hedonistic

2833-2948: Return to solipsitic moral limit-testing.

2950-3140: Suicide attempts.

3141-3882: Skill development, memorization of
day's minutia.

3883-4274: Develop plan for a 'perfect' version
of day.

4375-4475: Repititions of dealized day.

4476-5833: Meditation.

5834: Achieve perfect Satori, discover
secret to escape endless day.

5835-8832: Work on scoring 3333360 points
in Pac-Man.

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All right, finally got that damn thing formatted like I want it. Nexttime I'll just use a table, I think.

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