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January 19, 2006

January 19, 2006

Today's theme is...

You receive an invitation in the mail. It's printed on expensive cardstock with gold leaf and smells faintly of persimmons. Within the invitation is the usual date, time, place sort of information, but, oddly, there are also three requirements that must be met before attending the event...

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D: Proviso

I read over the invite a third time and then shrugged. If she wanted it that way I'd play along. My first stop was easy; my kitchen cupboards are always well stocked; smooth and crunchy.

My next stop was the city zoo, where I knew I would find the creature listed on the invite. I could only hope that I was first to arrive since other guests would likely come to the same conclusion.

After jumping the fence and getting into the llama enclosure the sirens announced that the third item on the list, a cop’s nightstick, wasn’t far off.

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Jim: Elementary

Through an eyeglass, Holmes carefully analyzed the invitation. “Never underestimate the audacity of the criminal mind, Watson,” he said. “Why would Moriarty invite me to a party?”

“What about those three requirements?” I asked.

“Costume dress, come unarmed, and bring an appetizer,” Holmes stated. “That all seems pretty harmless. No, there’s…”

Suddenly, the eyeglass and invitation slipped through Holmes’ fingers. He grasped his neck with both hands as his swelling face turned the color of beets. With an anguished gurgle, he fell lifeless onto the floor.

I picked up the invitation. “Persimmons,” I mumbled. Holmes was very allergic to persimmons.

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