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January 20, 2006

January 20, 2006

You know, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin might be on to something with his "making New Orleans chocolate again" idea.

Today's theme is "What if the place you lived in were made out of food?"

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Jim: Fred's Song

“Who can find some cardboard
Underneath a bridge
Pour on chocolate syrup
That he found in an old fridge?

“The crazy man.
The crazy man can.
The crazy man can cause he really isn’t finicky about what he eats.

“Who can take newspaper
Wrapped around a fish
Squeeze on ketchup packets
And use it for a dish?

“The crazy man.
The crazy man can.

“The crazy man grinds
Everything he finds
Into an edible powder
Talk about your dumpster chowder
I can even sing this louder.”

The green-headed duck rolled his eyes and walked away. I should sing more often.

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