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January 18, 2006

January 18, 2006

Today's theme should include peanut butter, a llama and the police.

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Stacy: Mea Culpa

Wow, the commenters totally smoked us today. By way of explanation, one of us is in mourning, one of us busy writing about reality show contestants, one of us is writing the next great sci-fi novel, one of us is somewhere in frigging Britain, one is likely hanging out with some duck, one will probably post later, and one is off doing whatever it is he does.

We'll do better, we promise.

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Jim: Meeting For Lunch

The tailored Italian suit fit Jake like a second skin as he followed the maître d' to a table by the window. Jake carefully placed his briefcase between his feet and adjusted his carnation boutonnière.

“The llama chops here are especially tender,” said the man seated at the next table.

Without looking over, Jake gave the countersign, “I usually prefer peanut butter on Tuesdays.”

The man deftly slid an identical briefcase under Jake’s table. “It’s all in there, Mr. Figonetti,” the man said. “Ten kilos of Columbia’s finest.”

“The name’s Sergeant Mirelli,” Jake replied, flashing his badge. “And you’re under arrest.”

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