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October 18, 2005

Volume 7, Issue 18

In the immortal words of the Happy Bunny:

Let's focus on ME.

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D: Objectification

I deftly reposition the reflected light base, switch objectives and peer into the ocular. A twist of the course focus followed by a slower refinement of the fine focus and I can see it through the lens of the microscope.

Confirming every social theory there is that species, no matter how big or small, have social strata that every member can be segregated into is the pinnacle of single-cell evolution.

Normal amoeba would float through the Petri dish by means of pseudopods, however the diva amoeba is actually moved around by several "minder" amoebas that tend to her every need.

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The Eschatologist: Plea

There's a gap in my mental record. I can't account for about fourteen years of my life. Just in case, I'm writing this down should it happen again. You know, so I have a referent.

Every day's the same, I wake to sounds of violence and chaos filtering through the bars. Someone is being beaten again. I've tried to keep my cool and low key. The guards aren't always magnanimous, though.

I know something went wrong. But I didn't do it. I wasn't here. I don't know where I was, or who did it, but it wasn't me, Your Honor.

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Michele: Hungry Like the Wolf

I stay within the shadows
blend with the darkness,
go unnoticed
until it’s too late

A flicker of movement
bursts from the night
I am on them.

Surprise is their weakness
no time to defend.

In seconds
the flesh is hanging from their throat
muscles exposed
blood painting the ground

I drag the victim to a private place
I devour skin
until I am sated

I leave the remains
for the wolves;
more my brethren than humans.

I howl
then sleep

dawn breaks
I walk the streets

become me again

or leave me again

it’s hard to tell.

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Stacy: The Star Chamber

“Let's focus on YOU?? You do understand this is a committee, don't you? We all have an equal vote.”

I curled my lip in a delicate sneer. “Committees are for the bourgeoisie, Anton, you know that. What ever made you think your vote was equal to mine?”

I glared around the room. “Or any of your votes, for that matter.” None would meet my gaze.

"You're weak, all of you,” I snarled. “Too weak to hold power, to weak to even be near power.”

I stalked to the door and unspooled the rope ladder. “Now get out of my treehouse!"

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Ted: Commandments

- Thou shalt have no god before me, for I am a petty and domineering sort who does so hate it when you mortals offer worship to my brethren.

- Thou shalt not spread your seed on barren ground, therefore keeping Me from having even more worshippers.

- Thou shalt not steal, for if you do how can your neighbor afford to give Me offerings.

- Honor thy parents, for they, being followers, will teach you to worship Me.

You could toss in more, if you need them. Otherwise, you got everything you need, Moses? Make it roll better for the final draft, ok.

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