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May 17, 2010


Today's theme is "a great deal of money."

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Stacy: Four Years Earlier, Part Two

He said his name was Christian James, but I could call him “Doc.”

I never did.

He ate and drank what I offered, fell asleep mid-sentence by the fire. I searched him as thoroughly as possible then snuck his thumb onto my datapad’s sensor for a workup.

I drank coffee and kept my eyes anywhere but him while the pad did its data crawl through the ‘Net. Finally it beeped its results.

I spilled my coffee.

That…was a mule-load of money sleeping right there next to my fire. Scion of old money and wanted in five districts.

My favorite.

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Ted: Such A Deal

"I have a favor to ask."

"My price is your virtue." I figure that if a woman interrupts my dinner and sits down uninvited, she has proven to have no manners and deserves none from me.

"All that I have, sir, plus my tarnished virtue, are yours for the asking."

Well now I was intrigued. I have certain talents, yes; but they are not usually associated with this particular persona. Was this simply a come on, or had something gone very wrong Upstairs?

"Must not be much, to be offered so lightly."

"Not lightly, sir; and a very great deal."

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Dave: A Private Little Death

"That," Roger said, "is a great deal of money."

Lopez nodded. "That is but a down payment."

Roger considered how many months rent, office and apartment, the valise would cover. "What services are we talking about rendering?"

"There is a man I would like killed."

Roger closed the valise and pushed it back across the desk. "I don't kill for hire. Missing persons, divorce photos, fine. No killings."

"You killed during the war."

"Uncle Sam said it was okay. Given the targets, I agreed."

Lopez leaned forward. "When you hear the target in this case, you will agree as well."

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