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May 14, 2010


Today's theme is: "just a little water"

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Ted: A Thimble

The perfect beverage, a thimble full of water from the moons of Saturn, went for a cool million. This bar sold six or seven a night. I only got a quarter mil per shot as the distributor, but I sold to seven bars system wide. Sweet racket for me, since it was on my way and didn't even cost a thousandth of a percent of my fuel. If they ever found out that that water used to be part of my reaction mass, I could probably be sold into slavery.

The real money was in information. I knew something wonderful.

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Stacy: Four Years Earlier

We hit the Alkalai Pan around noon, me and Ahab, and I wondered for the nth time why we didn’t travel at night like sensible folk.

"Nothing about this is sensible," I grumped, kicking a rock into some nearby scrub. A gasp of pain brought Ahab up short, ears pricked, and my Colt to my hand.

Somebody had worked him over but good, left him there to die. I crouched down and dribbled a little water into his slack mouth. His eyes flew open, as crystal blue as the noon sky.

"Shit," I said.

"Pleased to meet you," he replied.

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Dave: The Final Component

"This better work," Roger said. "I just spent the last three weeks gathering this stuff."

Weld examined the collection on his desk. The Unwashed Athame from the British Museum's secret Minoan collection. A black diamond from the charred heart of that SS officer in Luxor. Dust from Drake's real tomb.

"Right, this should be fine for the spell, Donne. All I need is a little water."

Roger rolled his eyes. "What, water from the headwaters of the Alph? Holy water from the Black Pope's private chapel?"

"Was thinking of the the tap, old boy. Wouldn't do to drink my whisky straight up."

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