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May 18, 2010


Today's theme: He forgot.

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Dave: The Forgotten Dead

"Mr. Donne, I'm a dead man."

Roger shrugged. "Aren't we all? Just some of us sooner than later." He sipped his coffee. "Who's gunning for you?"

"No," McRae said. "I mean -- I'm dead." His fingers touched his wrist. "No pulse. Room temp. Only breathe if I gotta talk." He demonstrated. "I'm dead."

Roger eyeballed the other's mouth. Nothing pointy there. And he was a bit chatty for a zombie. "What happened?"

"I don't remember anything for the last six months. And I was alive then." He sighed, rattling. "That's why I want to hire you. To find out what happened."

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Caitlin: It's What You Make It

Today would be different. It was going to be The Day: the day he remembered.

He opened the curtains to the sun, noted each small movement. He thought, I've opened the curtains. What a beautiful day to remember!

He smiled at her in the kitchen, poured coffee. The smell of coffee! He could never forget that, or the sight of her returning smile. He tried to mark in his brain - my wife! Smiling!

They sat silently at the small table outside, mugs in hand. She ventured, "How're you feeling?"

He looked at her mutely. Shook his head.

Maybe tomorrow.

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Stacy: Four Years Earlier, Part Three

“You… forgot??”

He winced as another bullet spanged off the doorframe.

“Pat, I…”

I raised his chin with my Colt and enunciated very carefully, “My name is Patience.”

His eyes crinkled a little as he held back the smile that might cause me to pull the trigger.

“I’m sorry, Patience. I honestly didn’t know about that warrant in Harshaw…”

I clipped him with the butt of the Colt then called out my name and license number to the posse in the alley. They withdrew reluctantly.

I cuffed my snoring bounty to Ahab and set out. Three days to Harshaw.


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