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May 18, 2009

Dave: Identity Crisis

“This isn’t gonna work,” I said.

“We’ll see soon enough, monster.”

“I’m not a goddamned vampire!”

“So you say.” He took a deep breath, looked off to the east across the rooftops. The sun would rise over the Oakland Hills soon enough.

I twisted against the cross-festooned ropes. He hadn’t taken any chances on the knots. “You’re gonna look pretty silly when I don’t burst into flames.”

Bixby turned. “You’ve defied the crosses. You may well know how to defy the purifying sun.” He held up a wooden stake and a hammer. “We’ll see if you pass the third test.”

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“You should be out already. The entire world depends on you.”

“Eos is lame and Aethon has run off scared again.”

“That is no excuse. You have the most important job in the universe.”

“Zeus threw a bolt at us last night and he hit me! The horses zigzagged all over the place. I am surprised I don’t have a pile of goats on top of a mountain in my honour. He’s such an asshole when trying to impress the girls.”

“Helios, stop wasting time and get your damn chariot in the sky this instant! It’s time for sunrise!”

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