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April 7, 2009


"Press the Star key now."

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"So are you going to do it?"
"You're crazy we have no idea what it'll do."
"come on."
"Look they told us what every key in the place does, we even have documentation everything, but we find a key hidden under a control panel that they didn't tell us about, we have no documentation on and the first thing you want to do is push it."
"Yeah well call me Eve and you can be Adam. I want to taste the apple."
"You are crazy you know that?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't change things. Press the Star Key now."

Posted by: Jeffrey Hite at April 7, 2009 10:40 AM · Permalink

As Ringo rested in the plush back seat of his stretch limousine, exhausted from another energetic performance, he felt a poke in his left shoulder.

"What is it?" asked the aging Beatles drummer.

"Hmm?" replied his ditzy blonde companion.

"You just touched me in the shoulder. Did you need something?"

"What do you mean? I'm on the phone trying to confirm our hotel reservation for next weekend."

"Then what was the poking all about?" asked Ringo.

"I was just following instructions," said the blonde. "The voice on the phone said, 'To speak with our reservations desk, press the Starkey now.'"

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