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April 7, 2009


"Press the Star key now."

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LJ: Or Should You Dial M?

Thank you for activating your new Cell-Fa-Ware cellular phone -- the first cell phone brand with an intelligent, self-aware agent within!

Please choose a template for your intelligent agent:

For a parental template, press 1.
For a childlike template, press 2.
For a template roughly equivalent to your own age and status, press 3.
Other customization options, press 4.

Be aware that your agent will adapt to you gradually over time, eventually sensing your moods and responding.

To remove the intelligent agent from your phone, press star.

Later, after the Supreme Court's ruling, everyone who pressed star was imprisoned for murder.

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Stacy: Automated Reset

I slammed the phone down. Surely this was a joke. No one could…change the future, could they?

I paced nervously through the house. James would be home soon, I had to make a decision before then. Stay here, continue life as some kind of coddled ornament, or change everything with the touch of a button. Travel, adventure, a chance to do it all over…

The phone rang.

“This is your scheduled service call from Future Fixers, Inc. To cancel or amend the contract, press 1. To speak to a representative, press 2. To proceed, press the star key now.”

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