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April 8, 2009


When you say, "Wish me luck," you really need to specify what kind of luck...

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Jeff R.: Playing Doctor (2)

Li held the scalpel, whispering softly to herself "I can do this."

"She can?" asked Vic.

"Of course she can," said Lise. "She was about six months away from becoming a Resident, before-"

"Wait," interrupted the patient. "How come a Marshall and an EMT know each other so well?"

"This is your lucky day," said Tysh. "They're both friends of mine, and you won't have to be going back to jail."

"Oh. Sounds good. But wait: shouldn't I be under first?"

"I'm sorry, but anestheseology was the one rotation I never did."

"Oh. My lucky day, huh?"

Li began cutting.

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