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March 20, 2009


Something is lost at sea.

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Michele: Cordless

She’s alone on the deck, watching the gulls dip into the sea, looking for dinner. The sun is just setting, the water sparkles, she sighs. Beauty should be shared.

Yet she’s alone on their boat, again. She imagines an extension cord between the boat and their house; she is plugged in, his end lays on the floor, electricity pouring out, unnoticed.

She watches the sky go dark, stares at the burgeoning blast of stars up above. I don’t have to share this beauty to enjoy it.

She mentally pulls her end of the cord out, and quietly drifts off.

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Caitlin: I Hope a Shark Eats It

The wind whipped her hair as she threw it into the surf; it landed with a splash she couldn’t hear over the breakers. Good riddance.

She’d chewed it out painstakingly with her own dainty little teeth, and it took several years. A labor of love, really, that went unappreciated. “Nothing but trouble, “ she’d told the others. “And we don’t need more trouble.”

Not everyone agreed, but they didn’t hold the power that she did. So she’d had her way.

A long time to wait for this blissful emptiness, but worth every cold wave she could feel even from shore.

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Ted: History Lesson

Civilization didn't end when everyone thought it would, with the collapse of the US. It didn't end due to global warming either. Nor worldwide depression, rampant AIDS, or bird flu.

Five billion people on planet Earth died in 2012, but that didn't kill everybody. The billion or so left over, scattered on newly shaped continents or re-learning how to live at sea, rebuilt a civilization of sorts.

It lasted about six hundred more years.

Then Kick 'Em Jenny started to rumble.

The submerged volcano that everyone called "The Harbinger" was trying to speak to a world that didn't notice her.

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