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March 19, 2009


You have filled out your registration form, haven't you?

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Michele: Do Not Hesitate

“You need to sign the registration form.”
He hesitated, pen poised in air, sighed, then signed. The caseworker noted this, put it away in his head for later.

28 days later, he was outside again, free. He got a cab to his sister’s house and borrowed her car.

“For a meeting. I have to go to these meetings now.”

He hesitated in the church parking lot, then drove off for to a different meeting.

Later that night, he passed out on his bed and never woke up.

No one was surprised he was dead. Just that he hesitated so long.

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Dave: First things first

“Now,” said the defense attorney, “Mister –“ He glanced at his notes. “—Minuteman. Is that your birthname?”

“My identity must remain hidden, to protect my loved ones.”

“Of course. Now, you’re a registered hero in New Philadelphia, correct?”

“Wherever the bright light of freedom shines, I am a hero to the people.”

“But, more specifically, you have filled out your Form 47-0105/a, correct?”

“My –“

“Your Nathaniel Act ‘Hero’ registration for the City.”

“I – um – I just moved here and haven’t – I mean, I do have the form, but –“

“Your Honor, I move for an immediate dismissal ...”

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Caitlin: Things Are Tough All Over

“Registration form?” The bearded man looks puzzled.

“Yes, registration form. We don’t take just anyone,” she says without looking up.


“Dude, she can’t send anyone to St. Peter without the paperwork,” mutters the young man behind him.

“But, I’m… you know,” the bearded man lets his voice get louder. “The Son.”

The desk woman finally looks at him. “And I’m Mother Theresa. Do you have the form or not? You’re holding up my line.”

“But… do you have any idea what I’ve been through? And you want a form?” he’s shouting now.

“Hey, buddy, I’m just doing my job.

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Jeff R.: Scene from Dystopia! The Musical

Times are rough
Awful tough
And you're suffering through.

Getting cold
Feeling old
Need a shoulder to cry on to.

Well I say
There's a way
You can bailout your blues:

You just sign
On the line
Of form nineteen stroke two.

Saves the nation
Leave the station
Pure elation
Why, it's even better than-)

Master the skill
And you can fill
out any form we can give.

Then just sign on the dotted line if you want to live!

We'll want that in triplicate, please.

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Stacy: New in Town

“Why, no ma’am, I was unaware there was a registration requirement.”

The woman gaped at me in surprise.

“But of course, dearie. Whores must register here in Harshaw just as anywhere else.”

“I’m not a whore,” I sighed wearily. “I’m a privateer, here on some business.”

She eyed me up and down skeptically - so what, I like pretty things - finally relenting when I showed her my SP license.

“I spose you’re here for Doc, eh?” she cackled. “Good luck with that one, dearie. You better shoot him before he has the chance to get those pretty pants off!”

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LJ: Your Afterlife's Direction

"Registration form, please."

I started stammering, and the reception's smile faded. "You have filled out your registration form, haven't you?"

"I didn't know I needed a form to die."

She pursed her lips. "Triplicate, with one notarized copy at least. We do need to know where you're headed."

I counted on my fingers. If they needed three copies... "Maybe you could just call the main office..."

She sighed, punched a few numbers and picked up the handset. After a brief conversation, she set it down again. "Oh, yes, sir. He knows you very well. No doubt where you're ending up."

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