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March 13, 2009


He was the luckiest guy in the world.

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LJ: Sometimes You Have to Know When to Leave

They all said at his funeral that they couldn't understand it. He'd gotten such good grades without really trying, gotten a high-paying job straight out of college, married Miss Local Town and had three beautiful children, made bucketloads of money... and died at age thirty-four. He'd lived such a charmed life, and it abruptly ended at an age anyone would consider far too young.

The day after the funeral came the nuclear attacks, the destruction of Chicago, New York, and LA. As the President declared the beginning of World War Three, all his friends understood. He really was very lucky.

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Jim: Another Boring Workday

Frankie stepped outside and then bent over to tie a loose shoelace. Two powerful bullets whizzed silently past and thudded imperceptibly in the neighbor’s lawn.

He stepped toward his car but decided to walk to work instead. Two more sniper rounds quietly missed. Frankie grinned up at the cloudless sky and strode briskly down the walk, whistling contentedly. He was already well around the corner before his car exploded into a fiery ball.

Despite three more unnoticed attempts on his life, Frankie arrived to work early, clocked in, put on his nametag, washed his hands, and turned on the Fryolater.

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Dave: A Matter of Perspective

"Let's see." The angel ran a quill pen along the page of the lengthy tome. “Hmmm, yes. You tripped over a skateboard, smashed your knee on a fire hydrant, staggered into the street, were hit by a car, thrown thirty feet, landed in the broken glass in the middle of the avenue, caused a major accident, in which the car that came to rest atop you burst into flames, killing you after two agonizing, screaming minutes. You were very lucky, Mr. Forester.”

“What? You call that lucky?”

Then the angel told him what would have happened had he lived.

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Jeff R.: Dream Come True

Vic Thackaray felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Two days ago, on his 18th birthday, he'd left foster care forever. Yesterday, he found his sister Lise, after almost ten years apart.

And today, he was zooming down Main at 120 miles an hour in a car filled with four of the hottest women he'd ever seen. Mind, one was his sister at least one was probably a committed lesbian, but still.

Then there was the money. Which depended on the sixth member of the team slipping out of the museum as planned.

Unfortunately, Vic's luck was not contageous.

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Stacy: It's All Relative

James literally could do no wrong. He breezed through school, finished college in four years with double docs in physics and engineering. He had a rewarding and hugely profitable career in private industry and was married to a beautiful woman who did not make him crazy. His kids were bright, cute and respectful.

James was bored out of his mind. That’s when Future Fixers Inc. appeared on his doorstep.

Now James has a new career, helping design and develop the highly complex apparatus FF Inc. uses in their temporal activities. The replacement dad for his ex-family was a big hit.

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Ted: Mins of Cov O.O. Recs; JD 2454852.86389

"I remember falling, but not hitting bottom. When I woke up, I could see the money. Freaking mountains of it! But then I heard a sound. It sounded like drums, or footsteps. Then I saw the torches. It terrified me in a way I'd never been before. Damn, I need a toot just trying to remember it."


"Thanks. Then, here comes this voice, screaming, 'You stole! You enslaved us! We paid for your fortune!' and stuff like that."

"So, reverend brothers, does my dream that I'm doing wrong?"

"No, sir, Mr. President. Just means that Hell is for Republicans."

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Michele: lucky

He had a wife, a son and a dog. He had a house with a picket fence and rose garden. He drove a nice car, played golf every day and had good friends . He had such fortune his whole life, they called him Lucky.

Now he couldn’t remember the name of his wife or son or dog, or any of his friends, or what kind of car he drove. He sat by the window every day ,crying because he could not remember anything but the frustration that the nurse’s daily words brought him.

“You have a visitor, Lucky. ”

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