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March 12, 2009


If I only had a...

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LJ: One Thing At a Time

If I only had a car, I'd use it to drive to my pointless, dead-end, low-paying job -- not exciting, but it pays the bills.

If I only had a plan, I'd have an outline of the next five years of my life, with milestones to mark my progress into a new life.

If I only had a gun, I'd keep it locked away and unloaded, only taking it out at the gun range to squeeze off a few and release some tension.

But I've got a car, a plan, and a gun. I think it's time for some serious mischief.

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Stacy: Consequences

We circled each other warily. I was infuriated Raphael had dared set foot in my uchi, my home. His very presence was a desecration and this time he would pay with his heart’s blood.

He drew his cursed daito and I reflected my grand plan might succeed somewhat better had I any weapon more sturdy than a bamboo rake. But it would do for now.

I kicked the rake head off the staff and slashed lightning fast. He barely parried with the sword and I saw surprise light up his eyes. Yes, kisama, I can kill you with a stick.

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Dave: If I only had a ...

“Brain!” Jay said, grinning madly.

Dominic looked up, realizing he’d been talking aloud. “No, that wasn’t it.”


Dominic pondered a moment, then shook his head. “Close, but …”


“If I only had a courage? That doesn’t even make sense. And, no more Oz, okay?”

Jay continued cutting. “Soul!”

Dominic stopped. He looked at the bodies, some tied in chairs, others lying in pools on the floor. “Huh. Yeah, maybe.” He got back to work.

After a few moments, Jay said. “Way back home to Kansas!”

Dominic glowered. “Just keep it up, I’ll kick your ass over the rainbow.”

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Jeff R: Unspoken

Katie's mom didn't finish the sentence. She didn't have to.

They both knew the story by heart: the post-exams party. The walk home.

The rape.

The months of denial, of trying to go on as though nothing had happened until the most obvious form of contrary evidence appeared. The trip to the clinic, and the day spent waiting outside, unable to bring herself to walk in the doors. Dropping out, the bankruptcy and the chain of welfare checks and crap jobs that brought them both here, fifteen years on.

"Maybe you should have," whispered Katie, as she turned her back.

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Ted: Bait

She stood at the back of the alley, looking at the men coming toward her with fury in their eyes.

"Bitch, we ain't gonna take no more of your shit. Just gimme the map."

Elaine looked at the four men, a wry smile creeping across her face. "Gentlemen, be reasonable. You know you can't take me. You know Silvio knows that. He's setting you up to die."

"Cunt! Silvio don't know nothin' about this."

"I see. Freelancing, Thomas? If only I had a phone to let Silvio know of your betrayal. I suppose I'll just have to take yours then."

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Michele: If Only

“If I only had…”



“No, tell me.”

“That’s it. If I only had nothing. Nothing to go home to. Nothing to hold on to.”

“Then we could be something.”

“Yea. Instead of….this.” She nodded toward the motel. They sat in the car, motor running, The Best of Air Supply playing softly.

Jim took Lena’s face in his hands. “If I only had a chance to do this over again, I wouldn’t do this to you. You wouldn’t be wishing for nothing. We wouldn’t be here again.”

“It was my choice, too.”

“Is it still?”

“Take me home, please?”

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