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June 3, 2008


A dog, a rabbi, and a Skanturian slivvix walk into a bar ...

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Jeff R.:Stop Me If...

"I'm sorry, but you can't tell that joke."

"What? Why?"

"Potentially offensive to Skanturians."



"There aren't any Skanturians. It's just a made-up word."



"Well, I mean, for all we know tomorrow some folks might declare themselves the new Skanturians, and demand equal rights to frommit their slivvixes in peace, and then where'd we be?"

"That doesn't seem very likely."

"Nonetheless. Also, is that a talking dog there?"

"What? No, just an ordinary dog."

"That won't do either. Sorry, friend, if you want to tell that joke in this country, you'd better just make it three rabbis."

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Sealyon: Tough Room

Wait. A what slivvix?

Skanturian. So, they walk into a bar, and –

It's not going to work.

Why not?

First of all, Skanturian slivvixes are so rare that it distracts from the joke. Nobody's gonna believe it's a Skanturain slivvix. A Pulesophien slivvix, maybe.

Fine. A dog, a rabbi, and a Pulesophien slivvix walk into a bar…

Second: a slivvix in a bar? You know they won't serve it – think about where its "mouth" is, man!

Jesus, Bob, it's a joke. You know, like, not real?

Yeah, but once it goes for the rabbi, the dog'll have to kill it.

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