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June 4, 2008


The phone is ringing. It is definitely not for you.

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David: Never Trust Google People Search


“Harold Dumont, we have your daughter.”

“What? Who is this?”

“Don’t interrupt. You have two hours to prepare five million dollars to be transferred to a Cayman Islands bank account. We will contact you again at the end of that period to provide the account details. If you do not do as we demand, your daughter will be returned to you in pieces. If you attempt to contact the police, we will know, and you will never hear from us again.” Click.

“Hello? Wait! There’s been a—“

“Howard? Are you talking to someone?”

“Just a wrong number, dear.”

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Jeff R.:I Try to Pick Up the Thread

When a phone rings, something inside me wants to answer it. It's an instinct developed from living where a new client meant not getting too far behind on the rent that the landlady kicked me out. So it took some effort to keep from answering the phone.

Tina's machine picked up on the fourth ring. It was the kind that just says the number in a computer voice, then beeps. The person on the other end didn't say anything but he kept breathing hard, like a guy who's been running more than like a pervert.

Then I heard the gunshots.

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