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May 1, 2008


Curiosity killed the cat.

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"When white men came to Africa long ago," Adisa told Mopati, "they wanted two things: slaves and diamonds. Now it is big cats. Never change."

They sat in one of the jeeps cleaning rifles. Sunlight oakened through the jungle as they waited for the hunting party to return.

"Do you think they will find it?" Mopati asked.

"Man they better hope they don't," Adisa said.

Moments later, a shriek rent the jungle. Birds squawked and flew.

Olakunde came running toward them. "It got him!"

"Who?" Adisa asked.

"Mr. Holland. Clawed him to death!"

They brought his body back in pieces.

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Climbing shakily to his feet and setting his crutches in place Goldfarb opens his eyes.

Before him a red sand desert stretches to the horizon.

The sky above, deep blue.

Turning 180 degrees Goldfarb gazes down a street lined with delicate crystalline spired buildings.

Looking down Goldfarb sees that he is standing in the middle of a gooey green puddle.


Leaning forward Goldfarb swings his legs out and proceeds into the heart of the city following the yellow brick road.

“Where the heck am I?”

Unknown to Goldfarb the city's automatic defense systems were activated by his first step.

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